Q1: Can I buy the items before the auction?                                        FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ABOUT THE OCT 5 AUCTION

A1) No, all items will be sold to the highest bidder on the day of the auction.


Q2. What if I cannot attend the auction but I would like to bid on an item?

A2) We accept absentee bids and will be glad to bid for you on any item.  Just give us a call at 706-830-1309 to discuss your item.  You do not have to pay your maximum amount if we are able to buy it cheaper for you.


Q3: What form of payment do you accept?

A3) We accept cash, personal checks if know by auctioneer, certified checks, checks when accompanied by bank letter, and all credit cards except Discover.  There is a 3% Convenience fee added to al credit card purchases.


Q4:  What is a buyer’s premium?

A4) Like almost all auctioneers, we charge a Buyer’s Premium, which has not increased in our 23 years in business.  We add  10% to the bid amount on every item sold. This helps cover the cost of the auction and keeps us from increasing the commission fees to the Seller. 


Q5: Is there a restroom?

A5) Yes, we have clean port-o-lets available at the auction site.


Q6: Do you have refreshments or do I need to pack a lunch?

A6) Yes, we have cold drinks, water, sandwiches and chips available at a reasonable cost.   You are welcome to bring your own coolers as well.


Q7: When do the items need to be removed from the auction site?

A7) Typically 5 days, unless you have received special permission from the auctioneer. 


Q8: Are there minimum bids or reserves?

A8) No, we will sell everything to the highest bidder.


Q9: What if it rains? Will the auction be rescheduled?

A9) No, we will hold the sale Rain or Shine and will not reschedule.  We will conduct the auction under a giant shed.


Q10: What about chairs?

A10)  We will have a few chairs, but we highly recommend you bring your own comfy chair!


Q11: Can I see the items before the auction?

A11) Yes, we will be at the auction site on Friday, Oct 3th from 10 am until 6 pm.  You can inspect the items and pre-register at that time.  Or, you can regfister the morning of the auction starting at 0830/


Q12: What do I need to have to register?

A12) You will need a driver’s license. 


Q13: What about sales tax?

A13) We are required to collect sales tax on all items.  If you are tax-exempt and buying for the purpose of resale, we have the forms available for you to fill out.  You must show us  a copy of your business license and tax ID number.


Q14: I am a full time farmer.  Do I have to pay sales tax on farm equipment? 

A14: No,  farm equipment is exempt from sales tax for farmers.


Q15: Do the vehicles and equipment run?    

                A15) Yes, 99% of everything that has a motor will crank and run.